Soulful Saturday 4

Today is Soulful Saturday!

Some things yoga has taught me:

~Be mindful

~Be present

~Be patient, kind and compassionate with yourself

~Let go of the things that don’t serve you

~Your mind is powerful, you become your thoughts so think positive ones

~Love yourself for who you are today and every day

~Be grateful

~Thank yourself for showing up to your mat today

~Calm your mind and body through challenging times

~Remember to breathe

Breathe slowly and deeply. Calm your mind and body with your breathe. Through even the toughest times you can remain calm and be at ease.

Be in the present moment right now. There’s no need to concern yourself with the past or the future. Be here and experience the now. Fully immerse yourself in what is happening now.

Be mindful of yourself and your movements. How does it feel to breathe slowly and deeply. As you inhale can you feel your navel move towards your spine, inflate your rib cage and spread across your collarbones?  When you exhale can you feel yourself sinking into the pose, removing any stress and tension?  When you take a bite of food can you smell the aroma, feel the texture, taste the layers of flavors and seasonings?

Being aware and mindful will also bring you closer to your true self. You might ask yourself, “Why did I respond that way,” or “Why am I in a bad mood right now?”  Become aware so you can remedy the negative habits and behaviors to bring you closer to peace and happiness within yourself and for yourself which will in turn positively effect others.

Let go of the things that don’t serve you. Let go of the worries, fears, stress, tension and negative thoughts.  These things inhibit you from being closer to peace and happiness.

Our energy is often exerted and exhausted with these feelings. Let them go so you can free up the energy and put it toward better use. To empower and uplift you.

Be patient.  Practice takes time. Time creates patience. Practice positive affirmations, meditations and yoga each day but know that it’s okay if you can’t get into a certain pose one day vs the next.  Don’t beat yourself up about it. Be compassionate with yourself.  Don’t be too hard on yourself. Challenge yourself knowing your limitations. There’s no need to hurt yourself.

Love yourself for where you are at today.

Be grateful for what you have and where you are today.  Remove thoughts of lusting after what others have creating jealousy.  Show appreciation for what you have and the people in your life.

Calm your mind with your thoughts. Don’t get caught up in what could be or what will be or what could have been. Ride the wave, go with the flow. Fill your thoughts up with positive ones to manifest the happiness around you.  Even through a challenging pose or a life challenge if you breathe slow and deep, focus on the now and calm your body with your mind there will be no need for your body to react poorly or negatively.

Thank yourself for showing up on your mat today.  Be grateful that you connected yourself closer to your soul.

Get closer to your soul in any way you can.



What Yoga Has Taught Me

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