Thankful Thursday 4

Today is Thankful Thursday!

Be grateful for your body.  Body shaming makes us feel embarrassed, ashamed, puts too much pressure on ourselves, lowers our self-esteem and confidence and can lead to depression.  We are often too hard on ourselves.  We compare ourselves to others and wish we looked like them.  Be happy for who you are and what body you were given in this lifetime.

The negative thoughts are overwhelming and distressing.  There’s no need for them.

Instead of criticizing your body think about what you are grateful for.   Your legs are strong and keep you mobile and moving every single day.  Be grateful for them.  Your curves make you sexy, the mole on your face makes you unique and instead of thinking about how bad it makes you look think about how beautiful it is.  Lines and wrinkles are natural and show the natural beauty of aging.  Instead of focusing on how aging is a horrible thing to cover up embrace it and love how young you really are.  Age is just a number of years around the sun.  Embrace the knowledge, experience and wisdom that you have to share with the world.  The lines and wrinkles are a reflection of those adventures you had in your lifetime.  The scars are a story from your past.  The freckles are expressions of the sun.  Love each and every thing about your body.  And don’t let others bring you down.  Don’t let others dictate how you should look.  Those people aren’t accepting you for who you are.  We should all accept each other without judgment.

Being active and exercising makes us feel good.  It releases endorphins, moves stagnant energy, clears our mind and the extra bonus is that our body benefits from it.  But love yourself for who you are and what you look like no matter what shape or size you are.  Don’t beat yourself up about going to the gym to look like a model on a magazine.  Go to the gym because you love the routine, the sweat, the challenge of getting through the tough workout and empowering your confidence.

It’s not your body that causes you to be miserable, it’s your thoughts.  Your mind is powerful.  If you remove the negative criticizing thoughts and replace them with positive, uplifting empowering words your body will react in a positive way.  Focus on the things you like about yourself and your body.

Empower yourself with positive affirmations and empower those around you too.  We don’t need to tear others down because of their beauty and our jealousy.  If we empower ourselves and feel happy and grateful for who we are we won’t be jealous of others.

Affirmations to say and believe every day:

I am grateful for my body.

I love my body.

I am beautiful.

I am sexy.

I love myself.

Everyone is beautiful and has a unique form of it.  Stop comparing and devaluing yourself to others and allow your true self to shine.


Our bodies are an absolute miracle.  The unique way we were created to be able to breathe, see the beauty around us, taste delicious foods, smell the blossoming flowers, feel nature as it rains, snows and when the sun is shining, hear the birds chirping, waves crashing and streams trickling; it is all truly remarkable.  Instead of focusing on your physical challenges remember how miraculous our bodies are and all of the great things we get to experience having the body we were given.


Be YOU and be proud of it!


Take time to thank your body and for all of the ways it serves you.


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