Mantra Monday 3

Today is Mantra Monday!

What does OM mean?

OM, ॐ

Om is one of the most important spiritual symbols.  It’s a sanskrit word representing the sound of the universe in Hinduism, Buddhism and other Indian religions.  The sound from the word OM arouses spiritual emotion within yourself and connects you psychologically and spiritually to the universal energy.  It’s the sound of all existence and consciousness.  It embodies everything and everyone that has ever been created; universal energy.

It’s pronounced “Om” or “Aum.”

“awe” “oo” and a prolonged “mmmm”

Written in sankrit the word is broken down in 3 ways:

The walking state, the dream state and the state of deep sleep.  You become connected to your consciousness state which then brings you to absolute bliss.  We align our body, mind and spirit into one with the universal energy.


OM is often found at the beginning and/or end of mantras.  Om connects you to the universal energy, then chanting a particular mantra or veda (ancient Indian sacred texts) and then ending with Om to close the mantra.

The vibration and sound from OM slows down the nervous system and calms the mind.

When you chant OM you feel the sound rise up through the body.  The vibration moving from the heart center, throat and head.


Think of OM like a river of energy that has always been flowing and always will be flowing.  When we chant the word OM we flow into the river and become one with all energy that has ever existed and exists.





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