Thankful Thursday 3

Today is Thankful Thursday!

Gratitude.  Show appreciation for the things and people around you.  Take the time to be thankful for the things we often forget about.  I am thankful for the bed I sleep in, the pillow that caresses my head at night, the body I was born with, the legs that enable me to walk each day, the eyes that allow me to see clearly, the mind which empowers me to learn and think, the mouth that permits me to speak my thoughts, share my feelings and spread my knowledge, the clothes that comfort my body, the shoes that support my feet in walking each day, the house that keeps me safe at night, the car that allows me to travel further distances in shorter periods of time, the sun that warms my skin, the ocean that cools me down, the sand that exfoliates my feet, the clouds that provide me shade…

I am thankful for the people I have in my life.  Those who have come and gone, those who have stuck around through it all and those who will flow into it in the future.

We go through life and often get busy lusting after what we don’t have, seeing what others have and desiring it, being envious of someone else’s job, house, family, etc.  We forget to be grateful for what we have.  Lusting after what someone else has will keep us wanting more and never being satisfied.

Take a moment to sit with yourself and be thankful for what you have.  It may seem silly or ridiculous but it changes your perspective.  It’ll start to stir positive feelings and emotions because the feelings of gratefulness are fulfilling.

Share in the comments below what you are grateful for.




P.S. Thank you Lindsay for the beautiful henna design today!  I love it!

Henna by Lindsay Li
Huntington Beach, California


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