First Time Friday 3

Today is First Time Friday!

Why get stuck in a rut when you can reach out for something new to try?  A new adventure, new type of food, try a new recipe, explore a new area, etc.  Branch out and find something new to try.

Today I rode my bike across the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time!  The sun was out but it was a bit windy.  The cars were really loud on the bridge.  You could feel the bridge shake and move slightly as the cars passed by.  The view of the bridge itself, the city and the waves crashing along the shore were beautiful.  Riding across doesn’t really take that long, about 15 minutes.  I was expecting it to take a long longer than it did.

Here are some photos from today’s adventure.  What are you going to try for the first time this weekend?  Share in the comments below.


Strike a yoga pose: Warrior 2
I rode my bike right there!
I rode my bike right there!
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
Riding bikes across the bridge
Hi Sun!
The coast
A Fort!
Yoga + having fun shoot
Strike a pose
Henna + nature
My photo stump
Hawk in search of dinner
Sun Glow

Sunset at the fort
Pretty colors
Ooo, I want to take a photo!
Snap time!
Hey! I see you too!
Bye Golden Gate Bridge! We had fun today!







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