Soulful Saturday 2

Today is Soulful Saturday!

Take time to nurture your body, mind and soul.  We often get caught up in our busy schedules we forget to take time out for ourselves.  Go outside for a walk, a bike ride, get in touch with nature.  Don’t wait for those sick days to finally do something relaxing or to practice self care.

Last nights event at the Aumakua Heart Center was very soulful and uplifting.  The event consisted of a drum circle, kundalini yoga class, kirtan musical celebration and a vegan dinner.  We chanted a few different mantras while people played the harmonium, guitar and drum.  It felt good to be surrounded by kind and compassionate people making the energy in the room comforting.

We chanted the WAHE GURU Mantra.

(pronounced Wha-hey Guroo) or (wa like water; hey; goo ru)

The words are written in Gurmukhi script which is a derivative of Sanskrit.

Translation: Wahe is an exclamation of ecstasy like the sudden feeling of joy. Gu means darkness and ru means light. Guru together means teacher or guide. The mantra takes you from the darkness into the light. You become enlightened awakening the guru inside yourself.

When you find yourself overwhelmed try repeating this mantra.

We sat in a circle and held hands while going around the circle taking turns singing “Wahe Guru” while others sat in the center receiving the healing energy from the mantra. It was quite the experience and very soulful!



Take time to meditate each day.  I take time to meditate to calm my mind, release negativity, create space for positivity and become more balanced in mind, body and spirit.  This is a practice of self care.  Taking the time to realign yourself.

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