First Time Friday 2

Today is First Time Friday!


Try something new today!  A new recipe, workout class, Meetup group, set a new goal, etc.


I decided to try a Kundalini yoga class at a studio that I had ever been to before.  It’s called Indigo Yoga located in Walnut Creek, California.  I have been a member at Yoga Works and Yoga Tree for 3 or 4 years now and primarily go to their classes since they have multiple locations and a variety of classes.  Sometimes the commute into the city is longer than I comfortable with so I figured I would check out other studios closer to home.

Indigo Yoga offers a variety of classes: hatha, vinyasa, prenatal, restorative, kundalini, pilates and more.  I decided to try a kundalini yoga class with Kelli Gayle.  Luckily I came on this day because she was starting a series of 8 classes to balance the chakras.  Starting out with the root chakra and then moving up to the crown chakra and ending with the aura, your overall energy field.  Check out my post about chakras here.

Kelli was a great teacher and I enjoyed the poses and the music she played.  She played this instrument called a harmonium which is a pump-powered reed organ.  It sounds beautiful!


Indigo Yoga Studio
The Yoga Room











I was also invited to go to an event tonight featuring a drum circle, kundalini yoga class, kirtan musical celebration and a vegan dinner.  A new celebration to experience!  Exciting!


I also booked a night tour for Alcatraz in San Francisco, CA.  Alcatraz is the maximum security prison that was open from 1934-1963.  I recently watched the film Escape from Alcatraz (1979) which shares the story of a group of prisoners successfully escaping the prison in 1962.  I have never been to Alcatraz island and am excited to check it out.


Hopefully this will inspire you to try something new today or this week!



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