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Today is Tasteful Tuesday!

I haven’t juiced fruits and vegetables at home in a while so I felt like today was a great day to make some juice.

What is juicing?

Juicing a fruit or vegetable extracts the liquid in one container and removes the fiber in another.  The liquid juice is what you drink and it’s full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.  You are able to consume more of the liquid packed full of nutrients than you could eating the whole fruit with the fiber.  You are able to digest the liquid much easier as well.  Yes, fiber is needed in our diets but when we need a boost of nutrients juicing is fantastic.  Soluble fiber slows down the process of digestion allowing your body to absorb everything properly while insoluble fiber adds bulk and moves things along for elimination.  The juicing process removes most of the insoluble fiber.

When juicing please use ORGANIC produce.  It’s important that if we are concentrating the nutrients that we put in our bodies that we steer away from ingesting additional toxins and chemicals.  Plus when we buy organic we are supporting organic farmers which lessens the amount of chemicals sprayed on our earth.  Some studies have said that organic doesn’t always mean 100% no chemicals or GMOS but even if it’s 30% or 40% less chemicals used on earth or entering my body then it’s worth it to me to buy organic.

Here’s a great recipe to try at home.


Green Juice:

4 kale stalks

1 cup or handful of parsley

2 green granny apples

1 red crisp apple

1 lemon

2 inches of fresh ginger root


Helpful tips:

*Alternate green leafy vegetables and fruits with more water content so it’s easier for the juicer to extract the liquid.

* Juice is okay to leave in the fridge for up to 3 days.  It doesn’t have preservatives so after 3 days I wouldn’t recommend drinking it.  Try to finish it before then!

* If you make a juice that doesn’t taste good to you, try adding sweeter fruits or vegetables until you like the flavor.  Or add more sour fruits if that is what you like better.

*Experiment with recipes, it’s fun!



Gather the ingredients
Cut the fruits and vegetables into…
Small pieces so they fit through the chute
Put them in a container
Start juicing!
Alternate: green leafy veggies and then…
fruits with more water content. This makes it easier for the juicer to extract the liquid.
All done!
This made about 2.25 cups
Pour into a glass to store in the fridge
Looks great doesn’t it!?
Drink up!
This is a chakra painting I am in the middle of.


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