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Lake Tahoe, California
Photo: Jackson Lake, Wyoming

Today is Mantra Monday!

What is a mantra?

A manta is a word, saying or vibration that we can concentrate on and repeat to help us deepen our energy into a meditation.  It can be a prayer, chant or sound.  A mantra can help remove negative energy and uplift us into a more positive light.

Repeating a mantra or focusing on it can help us accept and believe it.  They can help us remove self doubt.  If we continue to say, “I am beautiful” every day to improve our self worth our bodies will react and believe what we are saying.  Positive, kind words will uplift and empower us and we need more of them.

The society we live in today often throws these negative statements at us every day making us not feel good about ourselves.  Billboards, magazines, radio commercials, tv commercials, etc.  Telling us we are too fat, we need to go to the gym, we aren’t pretty enough and need to look like the models and get eye lash extensions and permanent makeup, we aren’t thin enough like the models on the runway, not muscular enough like the gym ads, that we need to make a ton of money to buy these fancy cars and expensive things to be happy, that we need to get a high paying job to be able to buy more things, etc.  Some of these things are good in certain situations.  For instance, if you feel good about your body and have self worth and self love and go to the gym because it makes you feel good then awesome!  But if you are going to the gym because you don’t feel pretty, don’t feel good enough and don’t accept yourself as your natural beautiful self then going to the gym isn’t going to fix those deep inner thoughts.  The gym is just working on outward appearance.

We can heal ourselves with our powerful minds.  Mantras can help us heal.

Oahu, Hawaii

Hoʻoponopono is a Hawaiian mantra.

The mantra is:

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

This is a Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and healing.

The power of this mantra is to let go of the feelings of regret and remorse by saying you are sorry.  Then asking for forgiveness and being able to let go of the incident, thought or situation.  Being thankful for going through the process, grateful to let go of these feelings and remove the burden.  And lastly sharing the feeling of love.  Being able to remove these negative thoughts and fill them with love.

We can say it with ourself in mind when we are too hard on ourselves.  We can say it thinking about someone else who holds a grudge on us or if we did something to them and are sorry for what we did and need forgiveness.

Sometimes we beat ourselves up about things and we don’t ever let it go.  This mantra will help us let it go.  Get rid of the negative thoughts that prevent us from moving forward.

It’s a great way to clear and cleanse the mind, body and soul.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”



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