Thankful Thursday 1

Photo taken in Aspen, Colorado (Maroon Bells)

Today is Thankful Thursday!

I have so many things to be thankful for!

I appreciate my friends and family for supporting me in my lifestyle decisions, being there for me when I went through some tough times; depression, uncertainty, wandering without any direction and for those who still love me even through the mistakes I have made.

I am thankful for my loving boyfriend, Taylor!  He supports my goals and dreams and helps me reach them.  He understands our different perspectives and still values and respects them.  He is such a gentlemen, get this: He opens the car door for me EVERY TIME!  What a sweetheart!  We can share our points of view with ease, respect and confidence.  I am truly grateful we met each other, thank you for being you!

Moving on from the lovey, gushy stuff:

I am super thankful for my friend and acupuncturist, Shae.  Throughout the past couple of years my body decided to react poorly to foods I ate making me feel bloated, dizzy, tired, light headed and nauseous.  The crazy thing is that I would be walking around at a farmers market and I would try a tiny sample of bread, jam or even just an almond or cashew and my stomach would almost immediately start hurting, giving me sharp pains.  It came to a point that I started eliminating tons of foods because of how they made me feel: all dairy (yogurt, cheese milk, protein powder, butter), eggs, chicken, certain oils (vegetable oil, peanut oil, canola oil, etc), flour (wheat, rye, barely, corn, etc), nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, etc), soy sauce, chickpeas, the list could actually keep going…

I couldn’t eat out anywhere because even if I got plain chicken with no butter or oil it would still make me feel sick.  It was very strange, frustrating and draining.  I love to cook but I had to make every single meal myself, from scratch so I would know and use the only ingredients that wouldn’t make me feel sick.  My body was so particular that even certain brands of things would make me react differently.  There was only one brand of salt that I could use because anything else made me dehydrated, puffy, my face and body would be swollen even though it wouldn’t look like it.

You might ask, “Well, what the heck did you eat then?”  Only certain types of vegetables; spinach, kale, cabbage (small amounts), radishes, carrots, olives, dates, honey, vegan protein powder and some other things.  Everything was organic always.

I had gone through so many different eating lifestyles: vegan, gluten free, all raw, nutrient dense, juice cleanses, etc.  Nothing seemed to change how my body was reacting.

One day I was experiencing some pain in my neck and back and instead of going to a chiropractor I decided to check out an acupuncturist in the area.  Her name is Shae Leva ( and she had an office not too far from where I lived.  I was super skeptical at first and asked a lot of questions but the treatments she did for me were a miracle!  Through acupuncture, theta healing, NAET allergy clearings and emotional clearings she was able to free me from these horrible reactions to food.  I was able to eat eggs again, cheese, chicken, butter…everything without my body hating me for it.  Her holistic approach with a background in Chinese medicine, natural healings and plant medicine is just what I needed. She has an understanding of human beliefs and past experiences, our emotional state and the way we think and how we can change our body and how it reacts.  Over 3-5 months she was able to clear all allergies, beliefs and emotions that were holding me back from being healthy and free.

When I go out to eat or pick out foods from the grocery store I still thank Shae for bringing my body back in balance.  You changed my life and I am forever grateful!

If anyone is interested in booking a session with Shae, I highly recommend it!

Here’s her website:




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