Lent 2017

I decided to join in on LENT this year!  I have never done this before.  Instead of giving something up I would like to dedicate the time to create a post each day on my blog/website.  My goal isn’t successfulness on my website necessarily, it’s about inspiring and motivating other people to be good to themselves and others.  My website www.DanielleBlends.com is a blend of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition and more.  Blending these into every day to enrich ourselves, our lives and those around us.

For lent, starting today with this post I’m going to post something every single day.  Whether it be a recipe, a mindfulness quote, my interpretation from a book I am reading, a yoga pose to practice that day, a meditation to listen to, a video on how to make delicious food, etc.  Being motivated can motivate others.  Being inspired can inspire others.

So here it goes, I’ll post at least 1 thing a day.  This will be a practice of self discipline for myself and dedication.  It’s also a way I can contribute to this world by spreading kind words to others.  Maybe someone will enjoy practicing a certain meditation technique that I share or a recipe that nourishes their body and makes them feel good.


Each day of the week I will post on a particular subject:

~Sharing Sunday (I will share my interpretation of a book I am reading, a quote I like or came up with myself, a story I would like to share, etc.)

~Mantra Monday (I will share a meditation, mantra or mudra)

~Tasteful Tuesday (I will share a recipe that nourishes my body and makes me feel healthy and hopefully it does the same for you)

~Work It Out Wednesday (I will post a certain yoga sequence or particular pose and mention the benefits and/or modifications)

~Thankful Thursday (It’s important to be grateful and to show appreciation for what we have and who we have in our lives. I will share with you how I showed my appreciation and gratitude on this day).

~First Time Friday (I will try something new that I have never done before.  Maybe a certain type of food, a tai chi class, workshop, etc.)

~Soulful Saturday (I will share my practice of self love on Saturday’s.  On this day I will do something that nourishes my mind, body and soul.  It might be a yoga practice, workshop, something fun I’ve been wanting to do, a nap, anything to uplift myself so I can be of better service to others.  If we don’t take the time each week for self care we can sometimes be a bit irritated or impatient. Take the time to uplift yourself.



2 thoughts on “Lent 2017

  1. stoked for Friday’s ! can’t wait to see what unfolds .. i love being inspired by those ‘around’ me. such a great interpretation Danielle. Just getting to know you and I see an artist – creating from your heart ❤️

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