Yerba Mate Tea

I recently came across this amazing find at a farmers market: erva.

It’s a company dedicated to serving delicious, organic, fair trade tea.

When walking through the market I decided to try a sample of some of the flavors they were offering.  Their flavors change due to what’s locally available based on the seasons.  My two favorite flavors were Ginger Lime and Hibiscus.

Yerba Mate Tea is a great way to get a boost of energy naturally without a getting jittery, loss of focus or a crash later.  I am sensitive to caffeine and based on my personal experience this DRINKEVRA brand is amazing!  It was refreshing, flavorful and it gave me a natural boost of energy.

If you buy the glass jar containers you can refill them for $5 next time you come to the market.  The owners are super friendly and informative too.  I love supporting companies like this!

So check out their website and if you are in the Los Angeles area go to one of the farmers markets where they will be selling their product.

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